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Alzheimer''s And Autism: Is The Common Link Aluminum?

Alzheimer's And Autism: 
Is The Common Link Aluminum?

In a recent article published in the Whole Health Insider there may exist a relationship between Alzheimer's and Autism with the common link being aluminium.

According to the author of the article Chris d. Melelis, ND "when things go wrong in the brains of the very old and the very young, the cause is often the same in children, the result is frequently autism. In seniors, it's Alzheimer's.

Is there any commonality between the two? According to Melelis "for starters, there's the fact that both children and adults are exposed to aluminum. By 18 months, children are already exposed to more aluminum from vaccinations than they will be exposed to the rest of their lives. Older people, meanwhile, have a lifetime accumulation of aluminum."

The article goes on to say,  the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease tend to have higher concentrations of aluminum compared to subjects without the disease. In addition, compared to non-autistic children, autistic children also have high levels of aluminum."

This is a problem. because aluminum in the form of a chemical and a metal is prevalent throughout our society. Our modern lifestyle relies very heavily upon this element as an ingredient in many manufactured items that we use on a daily basis; vaccines, prepared food, treated water, pots and pans, cell phones, televisions, computers etc... are only a few of the hundreds of items that we use on a daily basis that now contain harmful contaminants.

In addition to aluminum, there are other heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which have also been linked to these two diseases. As was quoted in the article, 'it's not just aluminum that can harm the brain. Other heavy metals such as mercury and lead are also linked to both Alzheimer's and autism."

At Life Choice, We Understand

At Life Choice we understand the seriousness of heavy metal toxicity. That is why we offer a product in the Life Choice family called CLAW-OCHMB which can help cleanse your body of toxic metals.

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A Message From Life Choice Owner And Founder Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND

These heavy metals are referred to as cumulative poisons, as a society we have left our guard down allowing these toxic heavy metals to be added into our daily lives, and it starts with vaccinations as early as 2 months of age. Aluminum is used to stimulate a response to the antigen placed into vaccinations, live bacteria such as diphtheria, polio, hepatitis, Tuberculosis and others use the toxic aluminum to trigger an immunity crisis, in order to establish antibodies. The drug companies will tell you the small amount is not toxic and if we were speaking in lies that would be true but in essence they prevent the infants own immunity from developing setting them up for diseases such as autism, ADHD, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s later in life. These toxins are expelled very slowly from the body and compounded by the accumulated poisons absorbed from the environment and the older you get the more you accumulate as the excessive levels remain in your system. 

In order to reverse this build-up and to eliminate these toxins it requires taking specific supplements over several weeks, and this process may need to be repeated every 5 years in order to prevent them from accumulating.

Read your labels and avoid putting anything in or on your body with aluminum. Aluminum pots and pans slowly dissolve metal into the food, and when cooking acid containing foods most notably tomatoes the acid will dissolve away the metal at a dangerous rate. Instead use either high quality stainless steel, glass or earthenware. 


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