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World Obesity Rates To Hit 50% By 2030: Lean Night: Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Add Extra Muscle

Lean Night

"By 2030: 50% of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese"

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Recently on this blog, we wrote a post titled  Global Obesity Costs Reach 2 Trillion   In that post we focused on a CBC news program that estimated that by the year 2030, over 50% of the world's adult population will be either overweight or obese. 

As Canada's top nutraceutical manufacturer we understand just how serious this problem is. That is why we have formulated a nutraceutical product called Lean Night. A high quality natural health product  that helps you lose weight, burn fat and add that extra muscle. 

Lean Night 

Do you have more fat than muscle? As we grow older we can loose our “shape” even without gaining any weight. How would you like to burn fat and put on muscle? 

Lean Night 90 V'sScientists have isolated the exact hormone (called growth hormone or GH), which causes fat cells to be burned, and muscles to be built. What’s more significant is medical science has discovered how to trigger the body’s release of this hormone without dieting. GH achieves this without the agony of severe food restriction causing the release of the fat burning hormones while sleeping. Amino acids are the body’s natural building blocks of protein; they are safe and available without prescription.

GH is necessary for tissue repair and improving the body’s resistance to disease through stimulation of the immune system. GH can reverse thinning bones in the aged and accelerate wound healing. GH also heals tissue wasting, a condition that occurs in old age, after burns, trauma, or major surgery. During the growing years, childhood to adolescence GH helps convert fat into muscle and energy for necessary for growth and body maturity. That’s why it is called growth hormone. As we age the release of GH slows down and virtually stops after hitting 50.

GH is usually released in response to sleep, food deprivation, fasting and exercise. But with the aid of certain nutritional supplements the body releases GH nutrients burning fat while building muscle.

Every serious athlete, body builder, weight trainer or power lifter aims at building pure muscle mass ready for use at competition time. But how can one best achieve that mass? Unfortunately many athletes turn to steroids. But the answer lies within our own bodies. Growth hormones are especially suited to burning fat and maintaining muscle. Every serious athlete must learn about the natural approach of releasing growth hormone as much about developing muscle size and strength.

GH releasing amino acid cause the release of growth hormone by different mechanisms, so they are even more effective when synergistically taken together at the appropriate time of the day. Amino acids taken during the day time and night time, (best taken on an empty stomach eliminating the competition from digestion) GH scientific research turns the clock back on aging to the hormonal levels comparable to a teenagers. 

For dieters, GH releasers should be accompanied by a sound, balanced, low calorie diet to achieve maximum results. Restricted caloric intake, exercise, and nutritional GH releasers stimulate natural growth hormone through various mechanisms helping to tone the body and turn unwanted fat into lean muscle tissue.

If you are a chronic dieter, you already know that diets generally promise more than they deliver. Limiting calories is great but this does nothing to maximize your body’s ability to burn them.  In fact, many overweight people eat less than their thinner counterparts yet still find it difficult to reduce their body weight. This means obesity is not necessarily a disease of gluttony, but it is a disease of energy homeostasis.

Low calorie diets cause a progressive fall in basal metabolic rate. After a weak or two, this rate slows down to the point that weight loss stops, it does this in response to reduced food intake. A rational approach to weight loss and the treatment of obesity is to mimic a natural mechanism responsible for raising the body’s metabolism; sensible eating, exercise and good night sleep - just what the doctor ordered.

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