Sunday, November 23, 2014

Global Obesity: Costs Reach 2 Trillion Dollars A Year

Global Obesity Costs Reach Two Trillion Dollars A Year

By 2030 50% Of The World's Adult Population Will Be Overweight or Obese

(Calgary, AB)  According to a recent program that aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) it was suggested that the total global cost of obesity was to reach 2 trillion dollars a year. 

The focus of their program was a report released by the McKinsey Global Institute which focused on the economics of obesity, putting it among the top three social problems generated by human beings;It put its impact at 2.8 per cent of global gross domestic product. 

The study says that 2.1 billion people or about 30% of the global population are currently overweight or obese and that about 15% of health care costs in developed countries are driven by this reality. 

The study also goes on to suggest that as developing countries become richer, their rate of obesity will rise to the same level as that found in more developed countries. The study suggests that if this trend continues then by the year 2030 nearly half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese.

When we look at Canadian obesity rates their statistics show that between 1985 to 2011 the level of adult obesity in Canada increase from 6.1% to 18.3%. According to Ian Janssed of The Queen's University of Kinesiology and Health Studies "that is because Canada generally invests in treating obesity rather than treating its causes."

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A message from Life Choice founder and CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND 

The very thought that 50% of the world’s population will be overweight and obese by 2030 is very sobering indeed, and the health impact it will make will be devastating. In times past public perception seen people with dark tans as being healthy and those with a larger than normal girth as living “high on the hog” and fine dining as the good life.   Today we know better, excess sun exposure with our reduced ozone could cause melanoma and premature aging, and excess weight runs the added risk of developing a stroke or heart attack, and prone to becoming a diabetic.

Food today is nothing like the type of food I ate as a child, today so many things are processed and prepackaged and then microwaved eating empty calories detrimental rather than beneficial to the health. Abundance of food so much so that the waste disposed could end world hunger. 

I recall we used to see those who were skinny in third world counties as being ill of health and we with extra weight as being healthy, but they are not the ones with elevated cholesterol or suffering heart attacks, and you do not see them suffering from gout!

And slothfulness contributes to the problem, sitting behind a screen of some sort for the greater part of the day; what’s the kids supposed to think if it is good enough for my parents it must be fine for me?

This will be the first generation where the younger will die before parents, we have a crisis on our hands and unless we change things immediately we will be doomed.


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