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Newsletter 8.1: Health Threats Abound


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Health Threats Abound
Recently, cases of Hepatitis C, and the respiratory virus EV-D68 have been the headlines of Canadian news. Also, with the continuing spread of Ebola--now confirmed in Texas--people are more concerned than ever about what diseases might be lurking in plain sight.

The immune system is under attack in so many realms. We must think critically about what is really a threat and what is the effect of living in this society where immune systems are compromised, medication is heavily prescribed, and people subsist on quick fixes and fear.

Health Canada has admitted keeping secret serious and sometimes fatal side effects caused by unapproved off-label prescriptions. The delay has been blamed on technical difficulties of the database, so the Toronto Star went to the US to find more information. Their analysis "revealed nearly 400 Canadian cases from 2010 to 2013 that involved a wide and disturbing range of reported side-effects: deaths, heart attacks, strokes, birth defects, organ failures and 'spontaneous' abortions." Health Canada has still not provided an ETA as to when this information will be made available within Canada publicly.

In the case of Ebola, it has been suggested that even those who have recovered from the virus could chip in as caregivers. Having developed a natural immunity, they could offer support and empathy.

Common sense must be used when treating all sickness, whether it be Ebola or the common cold. Prevention and proper diet should be combined with exercise and therapeutic natural medicine. If these measures are in place, your immune system can protect against these diseases. In fact, most diseases spread by human error and bandaid medicine. These will not be enough when health threats come knocking at our door.

To build the immune system, we recommend:
  • P5P
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Adrenal Gland
  • Thymus Gland
  • Laktokhan
  • HgH
  • Thyroid Support
  • Vitamin C: best taken in powder form and in large doses
  • Vitamin A: best in mixed carotenoids
  • Vitamin D: natural based preferred
  • Zinc picolinate and herbal remedies like Goldenseal, Chaparral, Astragalus, and Burdock
  • SAMe, Chromium picolinate, and Milk thistle can help protect the liver

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