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Newsletter 6.7: Painkiller Deaths Skyrocketing


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Painkiller Deaths Skyrocketing

In the journal Addiction, a study has been published that reveals Ontario opioid deaths have skyrocked, with almost a 250 percent increase between 1991 and 2010.

While the sheer increase in deaths is shocking, the age range that is dying is even more shocking: in those ages 25 to 34, one in eight deaths is related to opioids.

Part of this could be due to the incorrect perception that because opoids are prescribed, they are safer that non-prescription medicine. However, this perception is grossly incorrect, and the cost has been an estimated 21,927 years of potential life lost each year--more than alcohol, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and influenza.

Although the researchers could not identify how those who died had gotten the opioids, they believe that the slippery slope of addiction started with legitimate prescription use. Despite some of the resulting deaths being from suicide, many were accidental.

Currently, Canada is deciding whether to ban an older version of OxyContin that is easier to crush and snort. This form of the drug has been banned in the US, but has been popping up in various places around the States--purportedly from Canada.

Although OxyContin and its replacement, OxyNeo, were removed from the list of Ontario-funded prescriptions in 2012, researchers stress that doctors should be looking for safer alternatives for pain.

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