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Newsletter 2.5: Do You Really Know What Your Buying?; Dr. Dahl On Natural Health Radio; Dr. Dahl To Speak At The CCNM

The latest news from Life Choice!

Neurotransmitter Support

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Recently, CTV ran an article discussing the results of a study where 44 natural products from 12 different companies were tested.

According to the study, almost 60% of the products contained DNA from at least one plant species that was not indicated on the label. Over 20% of the products contained unlisted fillers; one third of the products involved product substitution, in which case the substance in the bottle did not match the label name at all. Although something as drastic as product substitution may not be intentional on the manufacturer's part, reading such maligning implications can nonetheless be frightening to the uneducated customer.

Those of us who have been in the industry awhile know to look deeper. Because the article does not list the company names, or the specific products, or the evidence of deficiency, the report cannot be confirmed verbatim. Therefore, it must be considered hearsay evidence until the facts are given. It should also be noted, for transparency's sake, who funded the study and if they would benefit from a negative outcome.

In any respect, products that have been thoroughly tested and approved for NPN licensing, such as the Life Choice line, have these measures covered. In addition, as we at Life Choice also know the source of our raw materials and use reliable raw material suppliers with after product testing, we are three steps ahead in safeguarding both you and your customers. Rest assured, our commitment to the highest quality has not changed, and you can count on Life Choice to deliver.

Learn more about the difference of Life Choice product quality here:

By popular demand, Dr. Dahl will be delving deeper into the popular discussion of Healthy Pain Management without side effects. His interview on The Natural Health Show will be rebroadcast on Saturday, October 26 on AM980 (Toronto), and Sunday, October 27 on CKNW at 5pm (Victoria). More information is available at:

Also don't forget that Dr. Dahl will be discussing this topic further at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto on October 22nd at 5:30 p.m. The lecture will be in Classroom #5, and he will be talking about the Pain Management Protocol. The event is free, and anyone is welcome to attend. Map to the school here:

Also, we have just received word that a special guest will be joining Dr. Dahl at the CCNM talk: Mr. Nick Mancuso will be telling his story of sickness and health and recovery to the student body at CCNM. Nick is one of Canada’s premier veteran actors on stage and in film. He has made over 350 movies and is regarded as one of the industry's finest actors. He is also a strong advocate of health freedom, due to his own dramatic recovery. In addition, the evening’s discussion will be filmed by Marcel Bentivegna; he is a strong advocate of health freedom and the founder of Prevent

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