Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For Life Choice: It's All About the Yes's and the No's

Life Choice's professional, therapeutic medicine is all about product quality. As Canada's #1 leader in the manufacturing and processing of high quality natural supplements, the testimonials to their commitment is never ending.

For Life Choice's CEO, Dr. Eldon Dahl (ND), his 25 plus years in the natural health industry, both as a practitioner and as a leader in the natural health community, it all comes down to the Yes's and the No's.

Life Choice: It’s All About the Yes’s and the No’s

100% Licensed by Health Canada
NO Chinese raw material
Clinically researched
Vegan (except for glandular: Thyroid Support, HgH+, Thyroxycut)
NO fillers and binders (except for cellulose)
Bioavailable cell delivery
NO soy (except for Balanced Female and Progest Cream)
Vegetarian capsules
NO radiation
PETA packaging
NO animal by-products or gelatin
Therapeutic medicine
NO feathers, hair, sewage sludge
Human strain probiotic (Laktokhan)
NO compromise
Shelf stable probiotic (Laktokhan)
NO parabens
Small batch manufacturing
NO hidden surprises
Transdermal (all creams)
NO gluten
NO lactose
Patented material
NO dairy
Homeopathic medicine
NO pesticides or herbicides
NO sugars
Free form amino acids
Enzymatically active
Superior raw materials
100 % Canadian business since 1986
Drug Manufacture File – Melatonin
Formulated by an Naturopathic Doctor
Halal & Kosher

For more information: www.lifechoice.net/

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