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Kava Kava And The Need For Product Safety


Kava Kava has an interesting history. It has been safely consumed ceremonially in the South Pacific and other parts of the world. The earliest European knowledge of Kava dates back to the late 1700s, with the journeys of Captain Cook.

Today, usage of Kava beverages in tropical climates is similar to the use of alcholic beverages in the West. However, the plant from which the beverage is made was found to have useful properties for anxiety, hyperactivity, stress and restlessness.

In 2001, the FDA investigated alleged Kava Kava related liver toxicity; the following year, Health Canada, among others, banned preparations containing kava. Interestingly, these issues only became known when it became a consumer product. Here's why:

1. The plant cultivar - Traditionally used cultivars are expensive to import; therefore suppliers were using cultivars that had no history of safe use.

2. The part of the plant - Traditionally the rhizome was used, with no hepatotoxic side effects; suppliers were using aerial parts as well.

3. The age of the plant - The kava should be 5 years old before harvesting; suppliers were using very young plants.

Unlicensed Kava is still classified by Health Canada as high risk, and selling unlicensed kava possesses several liability risks for both suppliers and retailers, as well as the safety risk for consumers. For three years, Life Choice attempted to legally bring their Kava Kava back onto the market. In March 2012, Life Choice Kava became the first Kava to receive a Natural Product Number - and therefore, a green light from Health Canada. Life Choice is now pioneering the legal reintroduction of Kava supplements into the North American market.
Life Choice Kava uses the proper plant parts of the highest quality to ensure an effective, safe product. Below is just one example of the positive feedback we have received about this great product:

"Life Choice's Kava Kava in capsule form could replace all stress/sleep aids on the market. The effects I experienced were profound, but smooth and subtle at the same time. I felt my body release tension and relax as my heart melted into my chest and just opened up. When used prior to sleeping, I experienced a deeper sleep and my dreams were vibrant and clear. When used in a social setting, I was much more approachable and conversational, passing off love and positive energy to everyone. So happy to have this product available again in Canada and to have Life Choice, one of my favourite brands, producing it.Keep it coming!"

-Health and Body Care Specialist, Jennifer S. from Calgary, AB

With an issue as prevalent as anxiety, it is critical that the product be both safe and effective. Life Choice has done due diligence to make sure that these criteria are met. We are proud of this accomplishment, and hope that it is the first of many in the years to come.

Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND - Founder and CEO of Life Choicetm nutraceutical product line: 


Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements and vitamins. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

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