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Clinical Study


Dr. Diane A. Culik, M.D. and Dr. Gary Docks

January, 2000


A homeopathic formulation of human growth hormone (produced by Dr. Sidney Safron) has been used with reports of increased: energy, vigour, stamina, sex drive, muscle tone, sleep, memory and reduced: fatigue, and headache. The natural levels of human growth hormone fall with increased age and have been blamed for progressive loss of youthful energy, and many of the symptoms of aging.

Study Hypothesis:

A study was devised to test the clinical response to the homeopathic HGH formulation, as well as measure the changes in Free IGF-1 in saliva, to determine if measurable changes in body chemistry were occurring as predicted, and if the patient's symptoms correlated.

Study Design:

The study was designed to evaluate treatment with 4 subtypes of MORE HGH, including women age 25-50 and women over 50, as well as men age 25-50 and men over 50. The study was double blinded so that neither the patient nor the physician knew which numbers of the sample bottles were homeopathic HGH produced by Dr. Safron and which were placebo (which was only an alcohol solution). All patients volunteered to be in the study and were given a symptom checklist at the beginning and end of the one month treatment. They self ranked 10 symptom complexes from 1 to 10. The symptoms to be rated included: vision, skin condition, energy level, blood pressure, muscle strength, mental clarity, memory retention, joint movement, sleeping pattern, and overall health. All patients (who were required to be non-smokers) did a saliva sample at the beginning and end of the one month to measure for IGF-1, which is increased by growth hormone. Therapeutic, pharmaceutical doses have been shown to increase the levels. It was not clear how much impact there would be with homeopathic doses. The method of taking the homeopathic HGH was somewhat involved and required patient compliance. Instead of a typical pill, homeopathic treatments are often taken sublingually, so that the small amounts of solution are absorbed directly through the mucous membranes under the tongue and into the circulation. The growth hormone solution was prescribed to be taken before food by placing 7 drops under the tongue three times a day and holding the solution there for at least 2 minutes before swallowing


35 people enrolled in the study, 16 men and 19 women. The men were equally divided. 8 of them were 25-50 and 8 were 50 and older. Of the women, 8 were 25-50 and 11 were 50 or older. Only 19 people completed all parts of the study including 2 questionnaires and 2 saliva tests. The measurements of IGF-1 in the saliva rose an average of 4.12% in the placebo group and 10.02% in the HGH group, which is a 2.4 times increase from placebo to treatment group.

The patient's self-reported symptoms were considered a significant change if they varied more than one point (or 10%).

Therefore, if they changed from a rating of 5 to 6 it was considered within the normal statistical variant. Only changes of 2 levels, such as going from 5 to 7 were considered significant in the evaluations. Measurements were then compared between groups as plus or minus 20, 30, 40 points, etc.

The symptoms that showed significant improvement in average ratings between placebo and human growth hormone TREATMENT groups included in descending order: vision (+11.16), skin condition(+11.03), energy levels(+11.03), overall health(+10.0), muscle strength(+8.97), joint movement(+6.1), and memory retention(+4.42). The areas with no significant difference were: blood pressure (+.65), mental clarity (-.78), and sleeping pattern (-2.47). The only symptom that was somewhat higher in the placebo group than in the treatment group was sleep pattern


This was a small preliminary double-blind study meant to determine if homeopathic human growth hormone can show any objective changes in measurement of Salivary IGF-1 OR any clinical symptom changes over a one month period of time in a group of patient volunteers of both sexes over age 25. Both of the study measurements definitely show an effect of this Homeopathic formulation over a short period of time. The significant rise in measurable IGF-1 on the Saliva of 2.4 times the placebo effect is definitely dramatic, especially with a treatment that requires considerable compliance. Absolute adherence to the dosing and technique would probably show even higher differential. Several patients reported dramatic improvements in multiple areas while using the real HGH. Perhaps many of the High Responders were more precise and accurate in their taking of the homeopathic formulation. Certainly the patients who dropped out often did so for lack of interest and compliance. The symptom improvement was higher in the treatment group for 9 out of 10 variables. This is dramatic in only 1 month. 7 of the 10 symptoms were significantly higher with the treatment group. It is of interest that the only benefit of placebo over treatment group was in sleep pattern, since the placebo was primarily an alcohol solution


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